Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb

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RAM and Co. Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb

Our customized RAM and Co. Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb is perfect for your all your hair care needs! Made from 100% natural bamboo, this comb distributes your hair's natural oils better than plastic while de-tangling without pulling.

Our RAM and Co. bamboo comb is made from the highest quality, sustainable bamboo, making it not only durable and long-lasting, but lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere and fits all hair types.

The wide tooth design of this comb is perfect for detangling and smoothing out even the thickest course hair when it’s dry or wet. Wide tooth combs are recommended to preserve hair health and avoid pulling and breakage which help result in healthier overall hair.

 5 1/4 inches long x 2 inches tall

*each comb is slightly different from the natural beautiful bamboo